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Cognitivecognita.com focuses on research from general information to detailed summaries on the subjects of life, customers, business and marketing. Informing and relaying information from subjective and objective sources.


Life tips and tricks and other modern survival skills on topics of one's desires, their wants and needs. Lifes articles are on subjects within psychology and financial. Learning the effects on cognitive functions on one's life skills and how to cognitively deal with what life throws at you.


Business is a wide and varying topic from small business to major corporations, human resources and customer experience. Organisational skills, workplace relations and other factors involved in the business structure.


Customers look's at businesses from the customers perspective. Businesses love the customer when they are purchasing a product or service. But when the customer has an issue with the companies products or service problems may arise. The company representative can sometimes be disrespectful towards the customer. Without customers, one doesn't have a business.


Marketing preys on one's needs and desires. In getting a product or service out to inform the population of its existence through the mere exposure effect. Displaying their products or services to the consumers need for the companies product in their lives. Behavioural psychology is the basis of marketing, primarily focusing on the hierarchy of needs, positive reinforcements and rewards.