At cognitivecognita.com we discuss thoughts, opinions and advice on life and other nightmares. With discussions on human behaviours and how to survive in the confusing modern world. Where no one knows right from wrong. Or even if there are right or wrong answers to one’s opinions..

  • Opinions, what my thoughts are about on the day
  • Advice, tips and tricks on how to accomplish life stuff
  • And other stuff that may come up

Join the journey with me making observations and opinions. Including human behaviours, habits, acts of kindness, as well as the lack of self and situational awareness in the modern world.

At cognitivecognita.com we will attempt profound thought dissecting life subjectively and objectively. to discover human behaviours we can never all agree on.

Let the civil discussion determine what we believe to be true. What we feel is right and what we can agree on that is wrong. Join the forum discussion and become a member, making friends. Or enemies along the way.

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