Opinions how accurate are they?

Do your opinions matter? The short answer is, no. The long answer is where did that opinion come from a subjective story? Could you recreate it in an ethical way as to not have consequences of others around you or down the line?

My Opinion

Some people talk and lot and listen a little, missing the direction of conversations. Some people listen a lot and talk a little. The balance in life is hard finding how much we should listen and how much should talk.

Sharing gossip is problematic and can have the Chinese whispers effect and become a garbled messy lie. Continuing sharing an opinion on gossip is in poor taste and should be kept to oneself to stop spreading the misinformation.

Fake news and forming an opinion based on misinformation is especially destructive in society.

How do we form opinions?

We form opinions from experience and knowledge. The main sources are from news outlets, entertainment, friends and family and education.

How trustworthy are these sources?

Evaluating how trustworthy sources are an impossible task so we approach sources from blind trust and faith. We hope for honesty in these sources of information.

Objective sources are more authoritative than subjective sources. Such as the difference between Huffington Post and Buzz Feed respectively. Buzz Feed punches out information without fact-checking and Huffington Post puts in a lot of effort on presenting facts.


Does your opinion matter, it really depends on your sources and how one forms an opinion? If you stick to supported facts then, yes, your opinion counts. But if you are just spouting something you have heard and put your spin on it the, no. Take care in what you say in life it may have unintended consequences if you are misinformed.

Thanks for reading my opinion on opinions. 🙂

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