Resume writing and applying for jobs

Writing your resume can be a mundane task. Also, Applying for jobs can be boring and repetitive as well as disheartening. Rejection comes with the territory when job hunting, the important thing is not to let it get you down. Here are some techniques that I have learned applying for a job.

Using lists in your resume

Using lists in your resume makes it easier to read for computer and human. Use columns if you have a lot of information to convey. Dot point lists are easier to skim over for a busy HR representative.

My Skills:

  • I am awesome
  • I am great
  • My skills are…
  • I am proficient in…

My Jobs:

The Job I hated 1999 – 2001

  • List Job responsibilities
  • I achieved nothing
  • More boring stuff I did that might land me a job so I can eat

Simple principles like the above examples will get your resume looked at. Making your job prospects a possibility to a prospective employer.

Use keywords

Choose your keywords wisely and sparsely, some companies use software to scan the resume. Do not try to sound better by replacing words for something that you might think that sounds better.

For example;

"Cash handling" and "money management" are very different terms. 

One means you handle cash at a register and the second is a highly specialised field in finance.

Adding your full title as your job title is another way to get noticed. Such as adding in the field at the beginning, or the end of the job title.

"Managing Director of [Insert your field]" replacing "Managing Director"
"Retail Sales Assistant" replacing "Sales Assistant"

Giving a clearer description to the reader and making your resume stand out. Showing your are clear and concise with your work.

Submit a cover letter

Writing a cover letter is to give an overview of yourself, experience and skills. Saying thankyou for and letting them know the job the you are applying for. However, one should keep their cover letter short and easy to read.


One should make their resume personal, all about you. Clear and concise and stick to the truth. Adding references to the end of resume even if they are just friends you have worked within the past. Although your bosses are better, they are more credible *cough* references. I mean they are viewed as more credible references. Make a template so you’re not fumbling around with each job application.

Thanks for reading!

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