Your insecurities do not have anything to do with other people

Insecurities do not have anything to do with anyone else but one’s self. Anxiety or a nervous reaction on your part is not another’s problems. Emotional behaviours can add anxiety to another person’s problems. In displacing their mental ability to function in society. What one is thinking or feeling is within one’s own mind. It does not always translate to external events.

The perception of the world around you is key to allowing others to belong. Adding one’s perception of another’s can be unsettling for them. Reacting to ones own internal thoughts and insecurities towards another person is not only rude and ignorant, but it’s also downright mean. Insecurity can mask itself as truth in one’s own mind.

What are things one can do to stop applying your own insecurities on to others?

Calm down before you speak, your likely feeling anxious about another individual from prior experiences. When they do not have anything to do with that experience at all. Keep quiet and bite your tongue. The great thing is you have a choice to not make someone’s day a miserable experience. Calm your insecurities with the following thought practices.

Take a step back. Breath and question yourself.

  • Does this person have anything to do with my thoughts?
  • Has this person done anything to warrant my feelings?
  • Does this person deserve my anxiety, insecurities and fears in their day?

Believe in your self to be a good person, you are a good person. However, our minds like to gift us with positive and negative thoughts every day. We all have opinions and beliefs but we can have control over them with practice and be kind to one and other. The above questions can be made more specific to the situation.

  • Has this person done [insert your own relevant life event] to me or am I transferring my insecurities to them?

Adding a specific event can displace any misguided insecurities and misplaced emotions.

There are a number of great books available for this subject, here are some keywords for you search:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • CBT

Thanks for reading!! Come back soon.

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